Do you wish to gain the max of your study experience and also enjoy the most in Finland?

You are in luck because Erasmus Student Network of Metropolia (ESN Metropolia), an International Student Association of Metropolia, is here, dedicated to provide you the best possible opportunities year abroad. ESN Metropolia offers you the possibilities to join and get involved into various academic activities, different social and cultural programs, social awareness events, tours & excursions, hiking and camping, indoor & outdoor sports activities, various themed student parties, etc. etc.

Whether it's fancy-dressed-up dinner in sitsit, eating free chocolates all day at Fazer, swimming in the icy-ocean, experiencing the northern light, or just a themed student party, all the student events organised by ESN, are widely famous due to student friendly prices in most convenient locations.

Various excursions to Baltic and Nordic cities with ESN Metropolia will take your breathe away and bring you the most memorable experiences in your life.

Thanks to the Helsinki sections cooperation, now you also have the possibilities to join the collaboration events and activities that are organized jointly by Metropolia, Haaga-Helia, University of Helsinki, Aalto as well as any ESN sections of Finland.

Moreover, as an active ESNer, you'll have a global identity and you will be able to explore the world as a global citizen. How cool is that!

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Tell us what types of activities you are interested to get involved and help us in organizing. For example, organizing cultural activities, like Finnish Cultural Evening, Amazgin City Race, etc.; collaborating other Helsinki ESN sections and organizing student parties, sitsit, etc.; coordinating sports activities; mentoring social awareness events and projects; being group leader in the trips and excursions; etc. etc. You are welcome to bring any activity idea. We'll try to find way to make them happen.