Starting in the spring semester of 2011, ESN Finland and DNA started a campaign to distribute free SIM cards to exchange students as soon as they arrive to Finland, ESN Metropolia didn't let this oportunity pass by and joined the project since the beginning adding their small participation in the welcome packages for the exchange students prepared by the student union (METKA) that the tutors have with them when receiving the exchange students arriving to Helsinki. If you are an exchange student in Metropolia UAS and you haven't received your DNA SIM card in the welcome package when you arrived to Helsinki, contact your tutor and ask about it, he/she will know how to get you one.

Starting in 2014, DNA expanded the offer and for the ones who are interested ESN will provide DNA Data prepaid sim card, for the Pads, notebooks and other mobile devices with sim card reading slot. The Data prepaids are also free of charge like the mobile phone SIM cards, and as there is a limited amount, to get yours, visit the board in the Myyrmäki office or contact the board.